Is there an OS version that this happens on more often?  I'm looking
at you, Windows 10.


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On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 4:43 PM, Jeff Davis <> wrote:
> Our consortium has a few libraries where the Evergreen staff client
> periodically becomes unusably slow or freezes up altogether.  I'm curious
> about other libraries' experiences with this problem.
> 1. Does the staff client slow down or freeze up regularly at your library?
> How often does it happen?  Are there any noticeable patterns (e.g. are only
> circ stations affected, not cataloguing)?
> 2. How do you deal with the problem?  We usually recommend limiting the
> number of open tabs, restarting the client periodically throughout the day,
> and increasing RAM.
> 3. If you use the web client, have you noticed an improvement?  We suspect
> that the root of the problem is the ancient version of XULrunner used by the
> old staff client, but we haven't had the opportunity to compare the web
> client in production.
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> Jeff Davis
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