Hi Jennifer,

> Not there.  I think I am looking for a file like this : 
> \pending_xact_#############.complete

If you search for the file ws_info, you'll likely find files like that
in the same directory, but those are just the local copies of what you
ultimately upload, so while they're good to purge, it's not going to
help you with scrolling through sessions in the Offline Transaction
Management interface.

> We have lots of completed session files that we would like to remove so we 
> don't have to spend so much time scrolling (and to prevent confusion - and to 
> routinely conduct data cleanup missions)

So for this, you either need to have SQL access to the database or
access to someone who does.

I believe you could do the following without negative repercussions,
but it would be good to get another set of eyes on this or try it on a
test system first:

create schema backup;
create table backup.offline_session as select * from offline.session
where end_time is not null; -- all completed sessions
delete from offline.session where key in (select key from
create table backup.offline_script as select * from offline.script
where session in (select key from backup.offline_session); -- dangling
delete from offline.script where id in (select id from backup.offline_script);

That should clear out your session list.  With some tweaks, we could
delete sessions of a certain age, instead of all completed sessions.
It would be an exercise for the sys admin to archive/delete any
lingering files and directories on the server, perhaps using the
output from:

select logfile from backup.offline_script;

I hope this helps.

Jason Etheridge
Community and Migration Manager
Equinox Open Library Initiative
phone:  1-877-OPEN-ILS (673-6457)
email:  ja...@equinoxinitiative.org
web:  http://EquinoxInitiative.org

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