Thanks for this info!   No one else replied and I was getting worried that we 
had discovered the most hidden error message ever!

     I will look into the serials records and whether they have MFHD records.   
I assume those are required?   (I am not a serials person, so I have no idea.)

  My root question still stands – for those that might be willing to submit an 
answer -  How can these “sre maps” be built?   Did we miss a process somewhere?



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Hi Jennifer,

I have never seen that specific error message, but I think that 'sre' is 
referring to serial record entry.  In Evergreen, serial record entry refers to 
the MFHD (MARC Format for Holdings Data) records.  Do your serial titles have 
MFHD records?


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All –

We are getting this error message.  I believe it has to do with serials.  But 
what does it mean?

An error message regarding “build sre maps” pops up when trying to check in 
serials.        What are those and how can we build them and why are we seeing 
that message?


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