After this conference, it dawned on me that I could easily convert some of the docker work into a helpful community asset. I have committed a docker image to the public docker repository that will launch an Evergreen server on your computer with just a couple of commands!

After you have installed the docker engine for your linux distribution, you can get an Evergreen server running with a single command: docker run -it -p 80:80 -p 210:210 -p 443:443 -p 32:22 -p 7680:7680 -p 7682:7682 -p 6001:6001 mobiusoffice/evergreen-ils:2.12.0

If it doesn't automatically download the docker image, you might have to manually download it with:
docker pull mobiusoffice/evergreen-ils:2.12.0

Once you see that, the server is setup and ready for connections. Keep in mind if you press CTRL+C - the server will die. Please use CTRL+pq instead to leave it running.

Once you see this screen above, the container has finished booting, and the OPAC should be available from your machine's IP address:

XUL staff client is precompiled and included:

The SSL certificates are self signed, therefore you will need to add an exception

The global admin account is:
admin / demo123

The postgres database contains the concerto set (--load-all-sample).

You can SSH into the container if you map the ssh port. The shell login creds:

If you use the docker command example above, the SSH port for the docker container is 32.
ssh -p 32 user@localhost

I posted the code that creates this image to github:

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