This has been an interesting discussion and one where I very readily see both 
As a small library generalist, I like having as much discussion as possible on 
as few lists as possible, so that I’m in on all of the discussion’s and don’t 
find myself reading a post and thinking “which audience was this addressed to 
again?” or missing out on something that is useful to me or where I could share 
useful information.  Also, I think Jason is right that discussion relating to 
development broadly, including feedback on development,  ought to go on the 
developer listserv.
(consequently, I joined that list, probably wouldn’t have at this point without 
this discussion)

In fact, I could see an argument to collapse everything into two listservs, 
development/documentation and general/end user.

That said, I know when you’re new/newish to a community it’s easy to feel 
rather as if you shouldn’t be bothering everyone with your questions, thoughts, 
tips,  etc.  There is a real trepidation some of us feel when posting to a 
widely distributed list and if separate user lists draw more people into being 
more involved, more willing to share, then I would have to come out in favor of 

So, with that said, I would support the creation of the two lists.

Have a good day.


Joseph Knueven
Germantown Public Library
51 N. Plum St.
Germantown, OH 45327

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dedicated Acquisitions Listserv

Right! I have followed this discussion with interest and can see both sides of 
the issue. But I lean toward thinking that circ people will be more apt to pay 
attention to a listserv that serves only circ people.

Thank you.

Diane Disbro
Circulation Coordinator/Branch Manager
Union Branch
Scenic Regional Library
308 Hawthorne Drive
Union, MO     63084

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dedicated Acquisitions Listserv

All –

  Please do not disregard the recent request for the Circulation group.

Thank you!


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Christine Burns
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dedicated Acquisitions Listserv


First of all I just want to say a big Thank you to Kathy Lussier for writing 
such a great analysis of this issue. I think she did an excellent job of 
articulating the basic arguments for both sides.

I agree that we need some kind of process for requesting new lists or 
guidelines about when a new list is warranted.  I would be happy to help come 
up with some guidelines after the Sitka upgrade to 2.12 is complete (end of 

I think that the debian requirements are a great place to start.

Currently the vote is 5/3 in favour of a new list. I am happy to wait until May 
5th to see if there is any further discussion on this topic.  Since this is the 
third time over the years that an Acquisitions specific list has been requested 
I strongly feel that we should go ahead and create the new list.

Thank you



Christine Burns

Co-op Support

BC Libraries Cooperative

Ph: 1-888-848-9250

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