On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 9:52 AM, Morgan, Michele <mmor...@noblenet.org> wrote:
> But I can't see that the circ.hold_expire_alert_interval ou setting is
> actually used anywhere. Maybe someone with better eyes than mine can shed
> some light?

I did some digging, and that setting is indeed not currently used.
However, it was used back in the JSPac days, where it specified at
what point in time to apply a CSS style to the My Account holds list
to highlight hold requests that are about to expire. It wasn't carried
over into TPAC.

I'll leave it to others to file a bug in LP to either remove the
setting or to reimplement it in TPAC.

As a side note, I tracked this down by using the following Git command
to identify commits that included the setting's code:

  git log -S "circ.hold_expire_alert_interval" --source


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