I'd like to submit a correction:

While I have been using Gitolite, I think Galen meant to say that I have
been experimenting with Gitlab: https://about.gitlab.com/

I've set up a test environment for C/W MARS staff to determine if we'd
like to use it for our own, internal git hosting. Specifically, I'm
looking at the Gitlab Community Edition and not the Enterprise Edition.

So far, it looks and feels a lot like Github. There are also numerous
plugins/extensions that can be installed.

I will be updating the wiki with pros and cons as time permits.

On 05/08/2017 03:12 PM, Galen Charlton wrote:
> Hi,
> During the hackfest at the Evergreen Conference there was some
> discussion about dissatisfaction with Launchpad, which we currently
> use for several project functions:
> * reporting and tracking bugs
> * managing translations, both as an interface for translators to enter
> their translations as well as tools for the translations to make their
> way into Evergreen releases
> The dissatisfaction, which has been building up for years, is now at
> the point where several folks, including myself, have decided to
> investigate replacing Launchpad. There is now a wiki page where folks
> have described both what they do and do not like about Launchpad:
> https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=dev:2017_new_tools
> This page also lists some potential alternatives for Launchpad itself
> as well as the combination of Gitolite and Gitweb that we currently
> use to manage access to our GIt repositories.
> The discussion thus far has been mostly among developers, but there
> are a number of constituencies who would be affected by a change of
> tools, which is why I've CCed both open-ils-dev and open-ils-general.
> These constituencies include:
> * anybody who reports bugs or wishes to know the status of them
> * translators and folks who manage the translation process
> * anybody who contributes code or documentation
> Consequently, I would like folks to weight in, preferably on the wiki,
> regarding whether Launchpad works for them or whether they seek
> alternatives.
> I would also like to send out a call for folks to stand up test
> systems for the alternatives that have been proposed.  I know that
> Jason Stephenson has been experiment with Gitolite recently. The
> Evergreen community VM server is available  as well to run test
> systems.
> The next development meeting is on 7 June 2017; I'd like to set that
> as an initial deadline for feedback with an aim towards getting a
> sense of whether to continue with the investigation.
> Regards,
> Galen

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