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Evergreen should be able to accommodate your needs. You will want to consult the Batch Importing MARC records portion of the Evergreen documentation:


In particular, take a look at the section of Default Values for Item Import. It tells you how to configure dummy barcodes and call numbers, as well as default copy location and circulation modifiers for the items that are imported via a non-acquisitions batch import.

We have a few libraries that are importing their on-order records/items using these settings.

I hope this helps!

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We're migrating to Evergreen this coming October. The following is from the Evergreen 2.11 manual:

"If your library simply wants to add on-order copies to the catalog so that patrons can view and place holds on titles that have not yet arrived, acquisitions may be more than you need. Adding those on-order records via cataloging is a simpler option that works well for this use case."

This is what we currently do with our Baker & Taylor 360 MARC profile to import order records into our current ILS using a 949 tag and specific rules in the subfields. Our current system allows an item to be created without a barcode. I have been told that our 949 tag would need a sequential dummy barcode for Evergreen. B&T can provide me sequential barcodes if I order them from their cataloging services at a cost, which is OK is that’s what is needed.

We prefer not to use the acquisitions module as it is indeed more than we need for our situation. We keep track of the materials budget separately and have no need to receive each ordered item as they arrive. We also don't use B&T grids or EDI services for they are also more than we need.

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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