I haven't seen something like that for a long time, so I don't know off
the top of my head what might cause it. It could be a number of things.

Since you got an internal server error, there should be log messages
from Apache, the web server, that will provide some clue as to what

Depending on your configuration, you can look in
/var/log/apache2/error.log or /var/log/syslog for the messages from Apache.

Errors should be relatively obvious, but look for lines with a 500 in a
field by itself. That is the typical number for an internal server
error. That line should indicate when the error happened, and what
caused it.

If you can find that and share it, someone can probably tell you where
else to start looking.

Good luck,

On 06/13/2017 08:15 AM, Chazya Sinkamba wrote:
> Hi all,
> New to evergreen, just finished populating the data after initial
> installation. To confirm the data has been loaded, I searched for a
> title, and got the results as desired. Clicking on the title however
> resulted in the page loading for ages, and eventually giving me an
> internal server error. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea what I
> did wrong?
> Thanks
> Chazya Sinkamba

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