A few weeks ago we updated to 2.12.1 and because I don't have to print
labels, I've been able to use Webby almost exclusively to do cataloging.

One of my pet peeves had been after clicking the Browse search button, the
cursor wasn't focused in the the search box on the search screen. A small
thing, but something I ran into constantly. With 2.12.1 the fix is in, and
it works great. Not only is the cursor in the search box, but the text
remains highlighted after the search, even after switching screens. This is
great behavior since it means I no longer have to click and swipe with the
mouse when I want to do the next search. I can just start typing or
pasting. Love it !

You know what they say. "If you give a mouse a cookie, then he'll want a
glass of milk"... this same behavior is not yet in place in Webby, for
Keyword search, Advanced Search, or in the Search textbox on the Record
Summary screen.

Anybody else want this to happen besides me?


Don Butterworth
Collection Management Librarian /
Faculty Associate
B.L. Fisher Library
Asbury Theological Seminary
(859) 858-2227

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