Hello Evergreeners,

I am pleased to announce that the development team at Equinox Open Library
Initiative has completed several important pieces of development for the
Web Staff Client.

With the support of numerous community members, we have completed Sprints
#5 and #6 as well as a rewrite of the Serials module.

Sprint #5 was focused on Booking, Offline Circulation, Print Spine Labels,
and a handful of miscellaneous features including adding missing F-key
shortcuts and Reprint Last Receipt.  All of this code is in master with the
exception of Print Spine Labels, which will be in master shortly; and
Offline Circulation, which will be committed with Serials (more on that

Sprint #5 was funded by Bibliomation, British Columbia Libraries
Cooperative, C/W MARS, MassLNC, Pennsylvania Integrated Library System, and
Pioneer Library System.

Sprint #6 was focused on bug fixing, and 19 total bug fixes were committed
to master as part of this Sprint.

Sprint #6 was funded by British Columbia Libraries Cooperative, MassLNC,
and Pennsylvania Integrated Library System.

In addition, we have completed a full webclient-focused rewrite of
Evergreen's Serials module.  We have a couple of test pieces to wrap up for
Serials, and then it along with Offline Circulation will be released to the

Sprint #4 (which included Serials & Acquisitions) was funded by
Bibliomation, King County Library System, MassLNC, and Pioneer Library
System.  The Serials rewrite was additionally funded by Bibliomation,
British Columbia Libraries Cooperative, C/W MARS, King County Library
System, and Pennsylvania Integrated Library System.

A major thank you to all of our community funding partners for helping us
complete this big push to the Web Staff Client!

As the community approaches the 3.0 release and the anticipated debut of
the Web Staff Client, I want to remind everyone of a few dates:

The next Bug Squashing Week
<https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=dev:bug_squashing> is scheduled
for *next week*, 17-21 July.
The second 3.0 Feedback Fest
<https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=faqs:evergreen_roadmap> is
scheduled for the week of 7-11 August.
DIG has scheduled two Web Client Documentation Days
<https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=evergreen-docs:webclient> for
Wednesday, 23 August and Wednesday, 27 September.

Please consider contributing your time & talents to one (or more) of these
if you are able!


Andrea Buntz Neiman
Project Manager for Software Development
Equinox Open Library Initiative
1-877-OPEN-ILS (673-6457)
*www.equinoxinitiative.org <http://www.equinoxinitiative.org>*

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