Good morning everyone!

I know this has come up a few times on IRC, but the time has arrived to 
announce that all of the contracts are in place (finally!), and we're ready for 
you to start making your plans to attend the Hack-A-Way!

The 2017 Hack-A-Way will be held at the Fort Benjamin Harrison State 
Park<> in Indianapolis, Indiana 
on November 7-9.  The Indiana State Library will host an EOB day on November 6 
for those interested in participating in that event (meals not included for EOB 
day, but there are lots and lots of ).

There is a block of rooms at the Inn, please use this code when you call in 
your reservation to be placed in the block: 117kh  (Block reservations must be 
called in to access the best priced rooms.)

I have taken the Harrison House again if you may be interested in staying 
there.  Please let me know!

There's also a survey ready so we can begin planning for after-hours 
programming, shuttling, and to accommodate any participation and/or special 
dietary requirements:

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we wrangled our contracts!



Evergreen Hack-a-way 2017<>
We have a few questions so that we can make your visit in Indy as enjoyable as 
possible. You will be able to edit your responses as your information needs to 
be updated.

Anna Goben

Evergreen Indiana Coordinator

Indiana State Library

140 N. Senate Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Telephone: 317-234-6624

Fax: 317-262-3713

Reply via email to