Hoping someone can tell me how to get useful results from opensearch.  I submit 
a search such as the following…




but I have to go to the 5th page to find this title.   Is there a way to tell 
opensearch to sort by relevance?  


I’ve looked at opensearch.org but not seeing anything helpful and can’t find 
anything the Evergreen documentation that applies…may just not be doing the 
right search of course.


Open to other suggestions as well.  I have tried




and it works much faster unless there are no results and then it can take about 
45 seconds to get a response.  The results seem far more appropriate but not as 
good as what is returned in the OPAC and the 45 second delay for no results is 
a non-starter for that approach.


Are there any other options or ways to make the above work better and faster?   
Any way to return the OPAC search results in an XML format?


Any other suggestions or links to documentation for the above that might shine 
some light in my vast dark cavern of ignorance?






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