Hi colleagues,

A co-worker here noticed that -- after using the Web client -- looking
at the browser's history gives a very good indication of exactly which
patrons have been helped recently.  In particular, we had in mind the
following scenario:

1) Patron A holds some animus against Patron B.
2) Staff member C checks out a book for Patron B.
3) Staff member C is called away from the desk.
4) Patron A presses the back button on staff member C's computer, and
is able to learn Patron A's name and confidential information.

Of course, somebody with malicious intent would probably be able to
find those personal details anyway if they had access to a logged-in
Web client.  We are worried, though, that this might make it just a
little easier for those personal data to be compromised.

How are other libraries handling this?  Are any folks using private
browsing/incognito mode or other browser features to safeguard those
data just a bit more?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,



Jane Sandberg
Electronic Resources Librarian
Linn-Benton Community College
sand...@linnbenton.edu / 541-917-4655
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