Hi Lisa,

If EDS is making a persistent connection to the Z server, the first
thing I would suspect is a firewall on your network that drops
quiescent connections after a pre-determined amount of time.  This can
manifest as a half open connection that some programs (presumably the
EDS backend services, in this case) do not detect, so they don't know
to attempt to reconnect.  This is more often seen with SIP2
connections, as Z connections are usually not long-lived and so don't
stay quiescent long enough to trigger the issue like SIP2 client do.

The next time this happens, it would be a good test to see if an
external program such as MARCEdit can connect to your Z server.  If
so, it's not the Z server, but something between it and EDS (or EDS
itself).  If you cannot connect, though, then it is likely a problem
with the ZOOM perl program we use to translate from Z to SRU.  You may
want to see if EDS can use SRU instead in that case.


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On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:27 AM, Lisa Setters
<lisa.sett...@asburyseminary.edu> wrote:
> We have our EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) configured to use Evergreen's
> Z39.50 server to display call numbers and availability.
> Too often, we find that this connection has gone down. In this case, we see
> a spinning wheel showing that EDS is trying to connect to Evergreen. This
> spinning wheel disappears after EDS determines that it will not be able to
> access the material.
> When this happens, we reboot the Z39.50 server and the connection is
> restored.
> Does anybody have any idea as to how we can resolve this?
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