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I recall having a discussion about this back during early testing of the web client, but I can't find my notes that might give any insights on this issue.

However, in looking at the documentation for the new email checkout receipts - http://docs.evergreen-ils.org/2.12/_circulating_items.html#_email_checkout_receipts - I think the answer is that, when done working with a patron, clicking the 'Done' button will perform whichever receipt action should be the default for the patron standing in front of you. For those who have opted into email receipts, clicking Done will send that email. For everyone else, a receipt will automatically print.

There is also the arrow that allows circ desk staff to select another receipt option if something other than the default should be used.

For what it's worth, I always found the previous auto-print option very confusing. The 'Done' button always printed a receipt, regardless of the state of that checkbox, and the checkbox only controlled whether those receipts printed silently (without a dialog) or not.


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Good evening –

I am creating training materials for Webby. I don’t see anywhere in Webby to choose Auto Print for check out receipts. Am I missing something?



How do these options work? None of them seem to be sticky.

Thank you.

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