On 10/14/2017 01:50 PM, Glen Modell wrote:
> Hello, this is Glen from Ann Arbor.  We are not yet on Evergreen, but we
> have a test server which is now on 2.12.4, OpenSRF 2.5.2, and PostGreSQL
> 9.3.  We just attempted to move it to PostGreSQL 9.4 in preparation for
> an upgrade to Evergreen 3.0.  We tried the pg_upgradecluster method, and
> it did not work for us.  We had a lot of errors pointing out various
> parts of the database that it could not find, and, while the operation
> did complete, not all the data was migrated.

I've done a test upgrade of PostgreSQL with Evergreen or two. The
typical reason for it failing is not enough free disk space in the
partition where the database files live. During the upgrade you end up
with two copies of the database. See the instructions here:


and here:


If you could share the exact error messages, that might prove helpful in
determining what went wrong. It may turn out that you need to seek help
from the PostgreSQL community.

> I am wondering if anyone has any advice for getting through this
> PostGreSQL upgrade.  Thanks.  --  Glen. 

Blake has some good advice on pg_dump, but I would recommend a different

pg_dump evergreen -U evergreen -Fc > evergreen.dmp

You can then restore that dump directly into a new PostgreSQL
installation without all the extra tricks. You will need to recreate the
evergreen superuser before the pg_restore command is run.



I recently upgraded from Pg 9.3 to Pg 9.5 on new server hardware using
this method.


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