Dear Evergreen Community,

I am writing to offer myself as release manager for 3.1.  The following
proposal may seem familiar, as it borrows heavily from my offer for 3.0 :)

Our library is an independent academic installation, and will be live on
Evergreen for 8 years this December.  I served as release manager for 2.5
and 2.6, and would likely run this release with a similar communication and
leadership style, including awarding virtual "medals" to highlight certain
achievements and encourage certain efforts.  In addition to my RM
experience, I have also been part of the Buildmaster team since 2.11 (Note:
Help Wanted).

If elected, I hope to provide focus (and where needed, structure) to three
broad areas of the project.  First, a particular emphasis will be a
continuation of efforts to push for greater consistency of the user
experience.  This would be less about functional changes and more about
"polish" of what is already in place.

Second, I would also hope for this spirit to extend to the "inside" as
well, and by that I mean the code itself.  This would have two subpoints,
as expressed in my 3.0 proposal, but even more appropriate today:

"I would like to spearhead an effort to trim away dead (or dying) and
deprecated code.  I greatly appreciate recent efforts in this area, but
there is more to be done, and not just the XUL client.  While some things
can be removed outright, another useful strategy will be simply increasing
log messages (e.g. "XYZ is deprecated, consider using ABC instead."), or
even more simple than that, at least adding code comments when a method (or
entire file) has been superseded.  This last idea leads directly to the
second piece of this emphasis, and that is a general increase in code
comments.  In particular, I will seek volunteers to work through the
service code in particular and add, at a minimum, a header explaining
broadly what the contained code is for."

This of course also ties into pushing ahead with the developer
documentation discussed at the last conference.  External and internal
documentation ultimately will work better when working together.

Finally, and I do not add this lightly, I think we need to make a serious
run at moving from AngularJS to "new" Angular (v4.4+).  While some details
are clearly different, I fear we are ultimately setting ourselves up to
repeat our experience with Dojo.  Given the notable complication of such an
effort, this would likely be attempted as a long-running parallel branch to
allow for rapid iteration, then a complex merge if and when it achieves a
high level of stability.  I would also emphasize that this would be a
"stretch" goal and not considered by me as a potential release blocker of
any kind.

Thank you for your consideration.


On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 10:17 AM, Galen Charlton <>

> Hi,
> It's now time to decide who will be Release Manager for the spring
> 2018 release of Evergreen, Evergreen 3.1.
> The Release Manager does not have to be a core committer, but does
> need to be familiar with Git and have already contributed
> substantially to the Evergreen project whether it be code or
> documentation.
> Nominations (including self-nominations) are due by 11:59 PM EDT on
> Friday, 20 October. Nominations should be made by email to
> with a Cc: to
> Replying to all on this
> email will also work.
> Nominees should send an email to both of the above mailing lists a
> statement about their relationship to the Evergreen community and
> their goals for the next release. The elected release manager will be
> expected to adhere to the established schedule for the release
> milestones.
> The election will be held in the Evergreen IRC channel on
> on 25 October at 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT.
> Everyone is invited to participate in the voting. Evergreen core
> committers who cannot make the meeting may submit their vote via email
> to the open-ils-dev mailing list.
> Regards,
> Galen
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> Galen Charlton
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