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I originally was going to post this to the acq list, but I decided to post here for maximum visibility.

Although the web client is officially available for production use in 3.0, we still have many interfaces, built in Dojo, that were ported over as is. Moving these interfaces over helped us make the web client available to libraries sooner than we could have done otherwise, but I'm hoping we can keep momentum going and gradually move all of the Dojo interfaces over the Angular.

The MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative partners would like to start this process with the acquisitions interfaces. Our development committee has agreed to commit some funding this fiscal year to moving acquisitions to Angular. We have three goals for this project:

- As was the case with the original web client project, we would be focusing on feature parity in Angular, except where noted below. Although there are several bugs that have been reported in acquisitions as well as requests for new features, this isn't a project to fix of all of our acquisitions issues.

- Having said that, we see a move to AngularJS as an opportunity to make some tweaks to the UI that will improve the use of acquisitions for our staff. By tweaks, I mean making some settings sticky that previously required constant adjustment; improve listing and paging of acq elements; adding fields to some displays; and tinkering with some search options. I'm aware that some of these UI tweaks may also require some backend tweaking, but we aren't looking to do any major backend changes under this goal.

- We also would like to improve sorting in the admin interfaces and add sorting for line items in the line item search results, selection list, PO, and invoice interfaces. Although it may seem as if sorting falls in the category of UI tweaks, based on previous discussions I've had with developers, this work will probably require enough backend work to push it out of the tweak category. Nevertheless, the call for sorting in these interfaces has been so strong over the years that we think it really needs to be done as part of the transition.

I've worked with the MassLNC development partners (C/W MARS, NOBLE, Bibliomation, Sitka, Georgia PINES, Evergreen Indiana and LARL/NWRL) to come up with draft requirements for this project. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvf0MZaTgT4r59EU8WAnt2g60Q_MFKb9x8hUZZOa8Xw/edit?usp=sharing

The intent of the requirements document is not to describe all of the behavior of all acq interfaces. The underlying assumption is that we want feature parity in each interface. However, I do describe some existing behavior that I want to make sure does not get overlooked. Any new behavior is highlighted in the document in green, bold font.

At this time, we're looking for the following:

*Acquisitions folks *- if you have any feedback on these requirements, let us know. Anyone using the link to the Google doc can make comments or suggested edits on the document. However, please remember that we're trying to limit this project to UI tweaks, not major new functionality or redesigned interfaces.

*Developers *- If you see any 'UI tweaks' that really are features requiring extensive backend changes, please let us know. In particular, at the bottom of the document (III)(F)(3) we have some requested acquisitions search options that I was unsure about. Also, in the line items section where we request sorting (III)(A)(2), if there is a particular sort field that raises red flags for you for being able to sort it in a performant manner, let us know.

*Potential funders *- I anticipate this will be a large project, but, in order to get the web client to where it needs to be, we need to keep Angularizing these older interfaces. As was the case of with the initial web client project, we're going to need funding contributions from throughout the community to proceed with this project. We have not yet sought a quote for this work and, therefore, do not know what the cost will be. However, if your organization can commit funding to this project (we don't need a number yet), please contact me directly so that you can be part of the project from the outset.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


Kathy Lussier
Project Coordinator
Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
(508) 343-0128

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