Thank you. I really appreciate the insights and advice.


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We have 3.0.0 on a test server and have been doing training on it around the 
state in order to prepare staff for the January upgrade. I will only speak for 
circulation as that is primarily what we've been training on, and we are 
continuing to find and report more bugs every time we train another group of 
staff. Most of the bugs are usability issues (missing columns and sorting 
options, missing action buttons, etc.), and it looks like a lot of the most 
critical ones have been fixed for the 3.0.1 point release. I would not be 
comfortable using 3.0.0 in production for circulation, but I am more optimistic 
about 3.0.1 or 3.0.2 for circulation.

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   Is anyone using the web client in production against 3.0? If so, I have a 
few questions:

1.       I know receipt templates will need to be recreated manually. Are there 
any other similar configuration-related gotchas?

2.       Can Serials and Acquisitions be used?

3.       Have you discovered any serious problems?

Thank you,

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