That's an interesting question!  I keep 3 snapshots on a logging server (last 3 days).  Once a week the latest snapshot gets sent to a cloud offsite backup service where I keep another 3 snapshots.  We also run streaming replication so a second database server is continuously archiving the live database.  And then there are the WAL archives which get written to the logging server and also sent to the offsite service with their snapshot.

I constantly think I don't have enough backups.  I can't imagine what the cost would be in time, lost productivity, and diminished service if a disaster happened and there was no viable backup.

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On 12/19/2017 2:38 PM, Josh Stompro wrote:

Hello, I’m curious how many systems have a policy for how long you keep evergreen data backups.  And I’m also wondering how long you keep your backup snapshots?  I heard a comment from leadership of another library system that they keep 2 tapes/copies.  The one in the drive waiting to be written and the one copy that is off site.  With the goal of minimizing historical data that can be seized by law enforcement.

I’ve always been way more paranoid of any one backup being bad vs worrying about data being seized, so the idea of only having one or two backup snapshots of the database makes me nervous.



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