Hello Eva, I worked on a change to the Simple Record Extracts recently which 
was included in the 3.0 release, so I panicked when I saw your message, but 
then saw that you are not on 3.0.  Even though I don’t think I caused the 
problem, it is fresh in my mind so here are some suggestions.

The Simple Record Extracts data is from the table reporter.super_simple_record. 
 So you could double check that table for entries for newer titles.  There 
should be one row for each bib record in your system, including deleted bib 

That data is kept up to date by a trigger that could be disabled on your system.

The following SQL should show you if that trigger exists for the 
biblio.record_entry table.
select tgrelid::regclass, tgname from pg_trigger where tgname~'simple_rec';

If it doesn’t exist, then I would suggest you look through your database 
upgrade logs and scripts to see what might have gone wrong.  There may have 
been an update to that trigger that didn’t fully complete during your upgrade.  
I just took a quick look at the 2.10->2.12 upgrade sql scripts and I couldn’t 
spot a likely spot, I don’t see super_simple_record mentioned anywhere, or the 

You can also perform some queries on the reporter.old_super_simple_record view, 
which is where the data actually comes from.  If entries for newer titles shows 
up in that view, then I think you can try to just re-enable and rebuild the 

You can attempt to re-enable that trigger with the following SQL, there is a 
nice shortcut function that tries to delete the trigger, empty out 
reporter.super_simple_record and then re populates it and enables the trigger.

Select reporter.refresh_materialized_simple_record();
--Check to see if data looks correct.
select * from reporter.super_simple_record where id >= 260000; -- use a bib id 
from after your upgrade.

Then do a “Rollback;” to get rid of changes if things don’t look right, or do a 
“Commit;” if everything looks good.

That command will take some time to work through all your bib records.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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after upgrade from Evergreen 2.10 to 2.12 (currently we are on 2.12.4) we have 
discovered that some values extracted from the bibliographic record were not  
included to reports. This specifically applies to simple record extracts, 
particularly to these fields:

Item -> Call Number/Volume -> Bib Record -> Simple Record Extracts -> Author 
Item -> Call Number/Volume -> Bib Record -> Simple Record Extracts -> Title 
Proper (normalized)
Item -> Call Number/Volume -> Bib Record -> Simple Record Extracts -> Publisher 
Item -> Call Number/Volume -> Bib Record -> Simple Record Extracts -> 
Publication Year (normalized)
Item -> Call Number/Volume -> Bib Record -> Simple Record Extracts -> ISBN

The problem concerns not only "item" source (also "Invoice" and other sources 
using simple record extracts), however, applies only to records created after 
the upgrade - in cases when record had been created before upgrade and only new 
copy was added after the upgrade,  the record extracts are included to report 
correctly, see example 
 (items added after upgrade are red).

Could this be a bug?
And is there a way how to get correct values in autor column, title column etc. 
 to reports? Maybe there is any other  way than using simple record extracts?
Thanks a lot for any hint.


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