Dan, I’m curious if your comment coverage counts the Opensrf method 
documentation?  The   “__PACKAGE__->register_method(“ signature/notes => info?

I’ve noticed that sometimes those are very 
 with a description, notes, parameter dos, and return value docs, while others 
are very 
  That might be another aspect of the code documentation to evaluate and work 
on if someone is adding comments to a specific file.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2018 11:28 AM
To: Evergreen Discussion Group <open-ils-general@list.georgialibraries.org>
Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen 3.1 Release Update

Hello all,

We are now entering the busy period of the release cycle, so I would like to 
take a moment to highlight a variety of efforts underway for the 3.1 release.

1) We are about two weeks away from "feature slush", currently set for Feb. 9.  
What does this mean?  To quote from our "versioning" wiki page it means: "major 
planning for features is complete; at this point, all significant features 
should either have been merged or at least have LP bugs and pullrequests".  Of 
course, the nature of slush is that it isn't very solid, so there is still some 
flexibility at this stage, but if this deadline isn't met, chances of getting a 
new feature into the release begin to diminish considerably.  Please take note!

2) We are one month from feature freeze for 3.1 (Feb. 23).  Updates to the 
roadmap continue to come in:

For example, an interesting new entry was added last week regarding more search 
improvements (https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1744385).  Thank you, 
MassLNC and Equinox!

To everyone, please continue to add to, update, and revise the roadmap 
throughout the feature slush period.

3) As part of my release goal to improve documentation and understanding for 
new developers, I have done some basic comment analysis of our Perl services 
code, and created a sign up matrix for anyone wishing to help nudge things 
forward.  For more explanation, or to sign up, please see here:

4) Bill Erickson in late December published his first set of notes regarding a 
transition from AngularJS to Angular:

Moving fully over for 3.1 was always a stretch goal, but I think simpler 
changes like Bill's proposal to switch to Webpack are very doable in this 
release to help smooth the way.  Thank you, Bill!

5) I have made a first pass at making sure the roadmap and the related bugs in 
LP are in sync, and also getting various bugs to their proper tags and targets. 
 To help us all make use of LP more effectively, Remington and I have also made 
notable progress in getting usable results out of LaunchPad's web API, and are 
experimenting with generating simpler views as a release "dashboard" of sorts 
(nothing fancy at this stage).  We hope to have something to show in the next 
week or so; please stay tuned.

6) Not directly 3.1 related, but worth mentioning as general release news.  For 
the last point-releases, we did an initial trial run of using a signup sheet 
for splitting build tasks among the buildmaster volunteers.  It is basic, but I 
do think it will help spread the load over time.  You can see that sheet here:

It is never too late to help out with builds; just join the ##eg-release 
channel on FreeNode and make some noise, and we'll find you a seat.


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