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MassLNC is considering a handful of development projects to fund over the coming months. The
projects are listed below.

I'm sharing these projects with the community to see if anyone has feedback on general concept behind the projects or the proposed implementations. Also, if anyone is already working on one of these projects, or a similar one, please let me know so that we don't duplicate efforts. I also have a specific question on the first listed project.

 * Improvements for Hopeless Holds - http://masslnc.org/node/3388 -
   this project would provide a new interface for managing hopeless
   holds. In the current description, we identify hopeless holds as
   ones that do not have copies in the hold_copy_map. However, we do
   have at least one site that has holdable statuses that they would
   want to show up as hopeless holds. Our current requirements don't
   cover this use case, but I wanted to throw the idea out there in
   case anyone had ideas of a way to incorporate those with little
   additional development.
 * Update hold information when patron contact information is updated -
   http://masslnc.org/node/3388 - this project would prompt staff and
   the public to update holds contact information when phone and SMS
   numbers are updated in their record and in their hold preferences.
 * Test notification method - http://masslnc.org/node/3377 - an easy
   way for staff or patrons to test the e-mail or SMS number on their
 * Support for inventory date - http://masslnc.org/node/3379 - the
   addition of some inventory-related fields to the copy could help
   libraries performing inventory. It could be added to a copy at
   checkin through the use of a checkin modifier or from the item
   status page.
 * Improvements to Deletion of Serials Items -
   http://masslnc.org/node/3383 - When deleting these items, linked
   copies will be removed and summary statements will be updated.
 * Improvements to Spine Label printing - http://masslnc.org/node/3386
   - specifically, support for sheet label printing.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments on these projects!


Kathy Lussier
Project Coordinator
Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
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