Hello all,

As of yesterday morning, the Evergreen 3.1 Release Candidate is available
on the main downloads page:


While we haven't always been consistent over the years, this release
candidate is meant to not be a final "beta", but to be a preliminary
version of the 3.1.0 release.  Other than failures with the actual build or
late-discovered critical bugs, the 3.1 RC will essentially be rebranded as
3.1.0 later this week (pending final feedback from testers).

While we can never get in everything we hope for, I am extremely thankful
to everyone who made a push in the last few weeks to prepare for this
release, and am proud of what was accomplished.  Here is a list of the 24
improvements since the beta 3 weeks ago:


To everyone who tested, commented, and provided code for fixes, thank you!

So, looking ahead a little bit, 3.1.1 is just about 3 weeks away.  If we
can keep up a similar pace for fixes, we will make a significant dent in
our number of client bugs sticking around, and in two or three releases
more, perhaps clear up the most aggravating bugs in that backlog entirely.
The most important thing we all can do is continue to make (hopefully
productive) noise on the bugs which matter most to us; a stale bug is often
a forgotten bug, but if you champion something, people generally will
respond.  I know I will!


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