I've used a touch screen keyboard with the XUL client, and of course lots
of folks use barcode scanners. I don't see any reason why Dragon Naturally
Speaking would be different, though I haven't used it myself. The client
should be agnostic to what kind of "keyboard" is used. Any input device
that can enter text should be fine.

If you do go the Dragon route this page of voice equivalents for keyboard
combinations ("Using your keyboard by voice") may be useful:

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On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 4:48 PM, Murphy, Benjamin <benjamin.mur...@ncdcr.gov
> wrote:

> One of the Library Directors in our consortium asked this question today
> and I thought this group might be able to offer some insight or feedback.
> Have any of you worked with methods that don't make heavy use of the
> keyboard for interacting with the XUL client? (We're on 2.11)
> "Her question was if there was another way of keying data into Evergreen
> ILS?  She might be in a situation where she could not type or with
> difficulty.   This also brought forth an ADA issue in my mind about a
> patron not being able to enter data. Do you know of any alternatives - I
> thought Dragon Naturally Speaking as an alternative."
> Benjamin
> Benjamin Murphy
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> NC Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources
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