Hello. We are running Evergreen 2.12 and are having an issue with filtering the Simplified Pull List in the XUL Staff Client. The issue is with filtering by shelving location.

When looking at the pull list, the shelving location for one of the items will be something like 'Adult Biography'. We want to look at all the items on the pull list that have the same shelving location (Adult Biography).

We click the Filter button. We then select 'Shelving Location' in the first drop down box. We select 'is' in the second drop down box. In the third drop down box we select 'Adult Biography (OU_SHORTNAME)' (where OU_SHORTNAME is the shortname of the org unit for our username). We click Apply but we get no results.

From what I can tell the problem is the ' (OU_SHORTNAME)' tacked on to the shelving location in the third drop down box. If we click in to the third drop down box with the cursor so we can edit what is there and delete ' (OU_SHORTNAME)' so it just says 'Adult Biography' and then click Apply, the filter works as expected.

Where does that shortname in the shelving locations in the third drop down box come from? Is there a way to get rid of it? Is there some other issue going on instead? I have been searching through the code trying to find where it comes from but have been unsuccessful so far.

Thanks in advance for any insight regarding this issue.


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