Hi everyone,

I had several people ask for additional information about the Evergreen app
at the conference last week, so thought I'd send this out:

Ken Cox ( kens...@gmail.com ) developed an Android app called Hemlock a few
years ago that should work with most Evergreen library systems:


He also rolled out a version specifically for C/W Mars:


And one for PINES (we had Ken add specific links to our OPAC that launch
the phone's default browser for things like getting messages, paying fines,
and pulling up our library locator map to take advantage of existing
functionality - so far that has been working really well):


(PINES has 3700+ currently active app users, with a 4.15 / 5 star rating.)

Your library system could use the generic Hemlock version, or you could
customize/brand a version for your own use (it is open source of course!),
or you could contract with Ken or another developer to customize/brand your
own version.

(We currently have a contract with Ken to develop a basic version of the
app for iOS as well, and that source code will also be made available to
other Evergreen libraries when it is ready for testing.)

Although we're really happy with how the app works right now, there are
always new things that could be added to make it even better, so I
encourage you consider implementing it and contributing development skills
or funds to improve it further!

Terran McCanna
PINES Program Manager
Georgia Public Library Service
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345

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