Hi All,

I have created an AngularJS to Angular migration summary page on the wiki:


The high-level summary of the transition is we have ~3 years to make the
move, we can do it in chunks over time, and the process should be as
transparent as possible to staff.

Included in the page are my own proposals for how we execute the
transition.  These are meant to be a starting point for discussion.  As
they evolve here on the list and IRC dev meetings, I will update the wiki
page to match.

One detail I'd like to highlight here, since it resulted in a lot of IRCis
the plan to avoid using Template Toolkit in the new Angular application.
This primarily impacts the ability to have org-unit specific template
overlays for local customization.  This type of overlay is mainly used in
the TPAC today, though it's also supported in the AngularJS interfaces.

I appreciate any and all feedback and questions.



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