Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey to rename temporary
lists. The results are below, and we have a tie!

24 - Basket
24 - Shelf
19 - Bag/bookbag
16 - Cart
7 - Clipboard
2 - Lists (under Other)
1 - Folder

A few people suggested bookbag under the 'Other' option, and I decided to
bundle those votes together with the bag option.

I've created a new survey with just two options - basket and shelf - to see
if we can get a clear winner.

The survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JSVPPDX and will
be open until the end of the day Wednesday, June 20.

Thank you!

Kathy Lussier
Project Coordinator
Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
(508) 343-0128kluss...@masslnc.org

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