At the Student Success Interest Group meeting at the recent Evergreen
Conference, there was a discussion on how academic libraries are handling
course reserves, and Course Reserves came up high on the priority list on
this  Report from the Future of Evergreen: Brainstorming and Strategizing

We're adding this topic to the agenda for the Student Success Working Group
meeting coming up on Monday, and it would be helpful if academic libraries
could describe how they are currently handling course reserves.  Are you
using the Syrup <;a=summary>
system?  What do you like about it, and what would you like to see
improved?  Or are you using bookbags or buckets or a homegrown solution for
managing lists for each course?  Or maybe course reserves are all
electronic resources at your institution?

Please share your thoughts and experiences here on the list!  Thanks!

Elizabeth B. Thomsen
Member Services Manager
NOBLE: North of Boston Library Exchange
Danvers, Mass.

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