Hello, Chazya.

I will ask/answer specific points in the quoted text below.

On 06/25/2018 04:29 AM, Chazya Sinkamba wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to evergreen, I have set up a test server with a few thousand
> titles imported from our old ILS. My problem is when in the web
> interface, a user is able to find titles by barcode in the advanced
> search tab, but nothing shows up when searching by keyword.

How did you import these titles into Evergreen? Did you disable any
database triggers during the import?

> Further,browsing the catalog brings a list of titles, but clicking on
> them results in a ‘internal server error’  response. However, if I click
> on a title that comes up as a result of a barcode search, information
> comes up as expected.

You should be able to start with the Apache error logs for the time that
the error occurred.  There will usually be a message pointing to the
actual error that occurred in the back end.  There will also be many
less useful messages.

> I am running the 2.11 version of evergreen, and 2.4.2 version of opensrf
> on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I recommend switching to the latest 3.0 version of both Evergreen and
OpenSRF.  The versions you are using are no longer supported by the
community, not even for security updates.

> Has anyone else experienced this? Would anyone have an explanation for
> this behaviour?

I've experienced many similar problems when setting up test and
development environments for Evergreen.  It almost always comes down to
something that I did wrong or skipped during the installation process,
or a bug in some experimental code that I am testing.  Less often, it is
a bona fide bug in Evergreen or OpenSRF.

So many different things can lead to internal server errors with Apache
and Evergreen that we cannot begin to speculate without more information.

Hope that helps, and please share more information so we can help.


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