Hi all,

Equinox has put a few bugfixes up on the cataloging test server for review
-- if you have any testing comments, please add them to the bug in question.

In addition to the bugs on the bugfix list, the Cataloging Omnibus
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1773417> branch is also on the
test server.

Please see the spreadsheet
more information, including credentials for the test server.

Additionally, I would like to welcome another contributor to the bugfix
project -- Thank you to Evergreen Indiana & the Indiana State Library

As always, if there are any questions about this project, please feel free
to contact me on or off list.


Andrea Buntz Neiman
Project Manager for Software Development
Equinox Open Library Initiative
1-877-OPEN-ILS (673-6457)
*www.equinoxinitiative.org <http://www.equinoxinitiative.org>*

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