Thanks. I looked at it again and my outlook adjusted the call number to double 
spaced. We single space call number labels.

We’re having problems figuring out the new code for what we want. I used to be 
able to do this with the old code but I can’t figure out the new code with all 
the {{    <prev   The code looks a mix between html and something else. Does 
anyone have any suggestions on what the new code would be for just a call 
number to appear on the label?



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I'm not aware of a way to break the call number label field automatically in 
certain places (although there may be a way to do that with CSS). Are your call 
numbers typically that length / pattern? If so, I would probably try adjusting 
the " Item Print Label - Width for Left Label" on the Settings tab so that it 
would force the label to wrap at a certain point, and then tweak any that don't 
wrap the way I want them to on the "Call Numbers" tab before printing.

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We have successfully installed our Zebra  LP2824 Plus spine label printer and 
now we are trying to set up the template. We have figured out the font. The 
extensive coding list for the template is difficult for us to understand or 
even look at. Does anyone know what the coding is we input into the template 
for just a call number to look like this example:




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