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> Hi Bill,
> 2. A workstation setting can be turned into a user setting by creating a
>> matching user setting type (same setting name) and removing the workstation
>> setting type.  Such settings will follow the logged user account instead of
>> the workstation.
> Can we assume the opposite is true too? While testing, I was thinking that
> some sites may prefer the copy templates to be a workstation setting
> instead of a user setting.

Yes, with minor code changes.

The code that's loading the copy templates is specifically requesting user
setting values.  If that code were changed to use the new
user-or-workstation-or-yaous API, the existing user setting could be
migrated to a workstation setting.  Ditto the code that applies the values.

Generally speaking, we now have:

1. API to set and get user setting values
2. API to get and get org unit setting values
3. NEW API to get org-or-user-or-workstation setting values, depending on
configuration, context, and available data.
4. NEW API to set user-or-workstation setting values,  depending on

I generally refer to the new stuff (#3 and #4) as Cascade Settings.  Any
existing user or org unit setting can be used as a Cascade Setting, if the
caller simply uses the new APIs to manage the code.  (Though, only user and
workstation settings can have values applied via the new API).


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