Hi all, this is my first post to the list.

I've been a librarian at Azusa Pacific University (10,000 students,
Christian liberal arts, 1/2 undergrad, 1/2 masters and doctoral students)
in southern California for 21 years.

I directed creating a 10,000 volume library in Ethiopia back in 2005-6
using something called Right On Programs (a stand-alone PC-based ILS). But
sadly the folks at their last location (in New York) have not responded to
my many calls, faxes and emails.

I'm now in need of stand-alone ILS to catalog and run circulation for a
3,200 volume health science library going to northern Haiti in a couple of
weeks (the request is to use Dewey Decimal Classification). Stand-alone
because Internet is quite irregular (if at all) in the final location of
the collection.

At a recent library directors meetings of other colleges and universities,
Evergreen was highly recommended. So here I am.

Three questions:
1) What version of Evergreen should I download on a small network of
computers (3-4 PC network)?
2) Does Evergreen print spine, pockets and card labels?
3) Anyone else working on Evergreen in Haiti?

Appreciate your Help!


Dave Harmeyer, M.L.S., Ed.D.
Library Faculty and Professor
Azusa Pacific University
Marshburn Library, 105

(626) 815-6000, ext. 3255

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