Good Afternoon,

We are a Sitka Evergreen library in British Columbia.  We moved to Evergreen 
3.1 this May and successfully used our iPads for check outs and registrations 
before they mysteriously stopped working a week later.  The problem appears to 
be with registering the iPads as workstations and for some reason we can't get 
past this initial step.

We had the same trouble with our desktops but were able to resolve those issues 
with updating our Chrome settings.  We've tried to do the equivalent on the 
iPads (e.g. clear cookies, etc.) but with no success.

Are there any libraries successfully using Evergreen 3.1 on iPads?  If so, do 
you have any advice you could offer us?

Thanks in advance!

Nadine White
Whistler Public Library

4329 Main Street
Whistler, B.C. VON 1B4
TEL: 604-935-8433 ex. 8725


Whistler was the proud Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic 
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