Hi All,

We have a busy few weeks ahead.  This Friday is our feature freeze
deadline.   All new non-bug features need to be merged by this time if they
are to be included in 3.2.  Note, however, I will not be paying very close
attention to the code until after the Sept 3rd (US) holiday.  So, there's
some breathing room with the deadline.

I ask all, especially patch developers, to review the list of pending
features and make sure there are no pending questions or issues that need
resolving:  https://bit.ly/2MyHShH

Web Staff Client Blockers and XUL Client Removal

Blockers: https://bit.ly/2PaEg2n

As I said in the last IRC meeting, if we're going to remove the XUL client
for 3.2 the removal patch needs to be merged before we cut the 3.2 Beta
(Sep 5th).  At the meeting we discussed basing this decision on whether we
have resolved enough of the web staff blocker bugs.   To that end, I
propose we have a formal vote this week on whether to remove the XUL
client.  I'll send a separate email requesting feedback and votes.  (Feel
free to respond here, though, for any discussion in the meantime).

Angular6 Client

Like the XUL removal, if we merge the Angular6 code, it must be merged
before the Beta release.  Pending issues:

1. No web service yet for translators.  We have approval from some
translators to proceed, applying translations directly to the XML files,
pending a web service similar to Launchpad's PO editor service, but for
XLIFF files.  I'd like to hear from other sites the support multiple
languages.  Is editing XML files directly acceptable?  For now, the
translators will only need to edit the browser client navigation menu and
any Ang6 UI's we agree to use (more below).

2. Final decision on list of UI's whose Angular6 version will be used in
the client.  I propose we use the Angular6 client for the Acquisitions
Admin UI's (Under Administration -> Acquisitions Administration), since
it's a fairly small self-contained list.

When users choose this menu item, it will direct them to the Ang6 page
(which looks just like the AngularJS page).  Links to some pages (e.g.
Funds) will point back to the AngularJS versions, because they are
non-trivial interfaces -- more than a simple grid.  Other links (e.g.
currency types) will link to the Ang6 versions, since they are simple CRUD
grid interfaces.  (Note for some of these, I need to add workstation
setting types).

I think we need a formal vote on this one, too, so I'll send a separate
email for that.


Last but not least, I have so far not extended the release schedule.
However, there's a lot yet to do!  I am happy to entertain suggestions of
extending the timeline, particularly for XUL removal and Angular6 merging,
since they are special projects that might need a little more review and

Questions and comments appreciated.



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