Hi everyone,

Bug Squashing Week begins today!

Bug Squashing Day Info and

Evergreen Bug List:https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen

'New' Bugs that need to be Confirmed:https://goo.gl/apLhQ9
Bugs with the 'pullrequest' tag that need to be tested:https://goo.gl/p2yBEA

I'll be tracking all of the bug-related work this week for posterity (based
on the comments added to launchpad):

If you need access to a current master sandbox for confirming bug reports
that don't have  patches yet, here is one you can use this week (thanks,

Sandbox:  https://bugsquash.missourievergreen.org
User: admin
Password: demo123

Please let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to email me
directly, or I'll be in the Evergreen IRC channel most of the week as well.

Terran McCanna
PINES Program Manager
Georgia Public Library Service

* The GPLS office is in the midst of relocating offices. We may be reached
by all of the current mechanisms during the transition, but to ensure the
most prompt response, please use the Help Desk:

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