Ha. Tried to add myself to that bug and I’m already on it. ☺ Thanks for 
sharing, Jeff.

Would a fix for that bug would also allow me to fix the “too many clicks” issue 
I’m also experiencing to get issues to appear in newest-on-top order? My 
routine being: see oldest issues first, click Date Expected, screen blips, now 
issues are “resorted” but still oldest first, *deep breath*, click Date 
Expected again, screen blips again, now newest/expected issues are first. I 
would really like to specify that new/expected sort to top when in Manage 
Issues view by default, since those are the issues I’m checking in and often 
needing to change dates/issuance info on a daily basis.

Talking that through with myself, I think I would want to control the Holdings 
View and Manage Issues views separately.


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to date order?

Hi Jeff and Holly,
It would be great if libraries could use holdings view to determine how they 
want their items to sort and display in the OPAC by highlighting and moving an 
item up or down in the list.



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On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 3:49 PM, Jeff Davis 
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I believe the same problem exists with serials sorting in the OPAC:

It would be great if we had a single solution that we could leverage for both 
the OPAC and the web client.


On 2018-10-05 12:07 PM, Holly Brennan wrote:
In the web client (well, on version 3.0.5 of webby), Holdings View shows issues 
in alphabetical order based on their call number. In our setup, this puts all 
the April issues first regardless of year, then August, etc. This is a pain 
when it comes to deleting issues because I have in my hands all the issues from 
Oct/Nov/Dec of 2017 in date order, yet I have to bounce all over the place in 
the list to checkbox these issues. There don’t seem to be any options for 
changing this view in any way… even reordering or adding columns isn’t a 
feature in Holdings View.

I would love for this view to act like the Manage Issues interface, which 
defaults to a sort-by-date view, AND many of the columns can be resorted. Is 
this possible? Apologies if this has been covered in a newer version or if 
there’s an ongoing discussion already. Thanks!

This sorting style is no fun to work with (current Holdings View):

I would love to be able to see Holdings View like this Manage Issues view:


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