Hello, We have been using the carousel from Mobius for a while now.  And I just 
noticed how resource intensive it seems to be.

Here are the slides from the presentation that Bake created about it.
And the code 

We have ~ 30 catalog machines that are set to reset every 5 minutes of idle 
time (since people don't always log themselves out.)  When I watch our catalog 
page load which currently has 3 sliders, I see 483 requests made from the 
browser.  ~450 of those requests are from the carousel, since it request each 
book bag, and then request info for each bookbag item.  And then request images 
for the visible items.  So our 30 catalog machines generate  162000 requests an 

I'm wondering if anyone has tried pre-generating the bookbag json data on a 
schedule so the web page can do just one request for the titles?  It also seems 
like the only info that is used is the title, while 1-2kb of data gets returned 
about each item.  So a lot of unused data gets moved around.  The script that 
generates the static data file could do things like randomize the order of the 
items, so a static bookbag list would show different titles whenever it is 

It looks like open-ils.search.biblio.record.mods_slim.retrieve can accept an 
array of ID's, so that seems like it would reduce the number of requests, so 
that may be another way to reduce the number of requests.


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