Linda, I wonder if this is a bug in the MARCslim2MADS.xslt?  The error message 

runtime error: file ./MARC21slim2MADS.xsl line 1404 element attribute
xsl:attribute: Cannot add attributes to an element if children have been 
already added to the element.

I agree that it looks like the problem is when the xslt is processing the 755 
and trying to set the authority source.

I think the bug may be that when processing the 755 tag on line 1081, the genre 
template is called before the setAuthority template.  The Genre template adds 
child elements, then the setAuthority tries to set attributes, which is where 
the error pops up.

If I swap lines 1084 and 1085 then the error goes away and both the genre(155) 
and related genre(755) show up in the transformed xml.

I think the way to report this to the MADS project is via the MODS listserv, as 
listed on

I don’t have enough experience with these technologies to be all that confident 
that this is the issue though.  I would be happy to report this to the MODS 
listserv if it seems to make sense to someone that is more familiar with 

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Subject: Re: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Cannot save authority record with a 155 field

Dear Josh,

Thank you for letting me know about the right XSL file!

After some more investigations I have come to a conclusion that it is not 
actually a 155 field which causes the problem but a 755 field. If it has any 
value in second indicator, xsltproc fails to process it. When the indicator 
does not have any value (or, to be more precise, there is just a space), it is 

So far, it seems that we will have to get rid either of the values of 
indicators in 755s, or of the following part of the XSL file:

                test="(700 &lt;= ancestor-or-self::marc:datafield/@tag and 
ancestor-or-self::marc:datafield/@tag &lt;= 755 ) and @ind2='7'">
                <xsl:attribute name="authority">
                    <xsl:value-of select="marc:subfield[@code='2']"/>

Hopefully it will work for us and let us proceed in the upgrade :-)!

On 10/30/18 9:38 PM, Josh Stompro wrote:
Hello Linda, I think the Authority ingest uses the MARC21slim2MADS.xsl 
transform file to convert the authority data into MADS format.  Could you try 
manually processing your problem authority record using the MADS file instead 
of the MODS and see what you get.

The MADS xsl does look like it references tag 155.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Cannot save authority record with a 155 field


back in August we started investigating why we couldn't proceed with upgrade 
from 2.12.6 to 3.1.4 (for more details please see

After removing obviously invalid MARCXML records (which surprisingly made their 
way to our 2.12 installation) we still have some records which cannot be 
reingested (or saved).

Attached is a sample record americke_romany.xml which is one of those 
troublesome ones. It is a genre/form term record with the main heading in the 
field 155.

We have tried the SQL upgrade from 2.12.6 to 3.0.0 without authority records 
reingest (the particular lines were commented out) and, once we were at 3.1.4, 
used the web client to save this particular record (without actually making any 
changes in it). However, it appeared that it could not be saved:


open-ils.pcrud 2018-10-26 09:33:37 [ERR 
:49144:oils_sql.c:6570:15405352984867814] open-ils.pcrud ERROR updating 
authority::record_entry object with id = 356: 56966976 56966976: ERROR: runtime 
error: file unknown-55cee6a934f0 element attribute

xsl:attribute: Cannot add attributes to an element if children have been 
already added to the element.

at line 31.

CONTEXT: PL/Perl function "oils_xslt_process"


Using this error message, we began to suspect a XSLT transformation being the 
culprit. We have taken XSL files from Evergreen (those from;a=tree;f=Open-ILS/xsl;h=68fd13ffb2ad01ef9ceacf9f18695f25d284df05;hb=HEAD).
 When they were used (xsltproc MARC21slim2MODS33.xsl  americke_romany.xml > 
output.xml), the contents of the 155 field (which is a heading and therefore 
one of the most important parts of the record) was never included in the output 
(please see the attached output.xml file).

Then we used a web client again to change the 155 tag to the 100 tag (and 
deleted another possible troublesome tag 755). After making these changes, the 
record could be saved.

So the question is:

Where should we add the 155 field (probably in which of the XSLT files) to make 
sure those records can be saved (or of course reingested)?

Thank you in advance for any hints!


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