Well, Hack-A-Way 2018 is officially wrapped up so that means we're already
planning for the future ones.  Before we completely say good by to 2018's I
do want to point to :


If you have some accomplishments not listed here please list them.  I know
the list isn't complete but I think we can agree that's a pretty darn
healthy list as it is.  I personally heard a lot of people felt it was very
productive and heard a lot of thanks expressed towards Equinox Open Library
Initiative for hosting.  This was a record setting year.  Not everyone was
able to attend every day but over the three days we had 27 attendees.

The 2019 Hack-A-Way will be returning to the land of Hoosiers.  Evergreen
Indiana have always been great hosts and will be again.  For those
interested in hosting in 2020 go ahead and start thinking about it. The
requirements are not particularly odious:

   - A clean meeting space for 15 - 30 people.
   - Working space for laptops.
   - A TV, projector or other display.
   - Adequate bandwidth for the users
   - A few snacks and forms of hydration and caffeine to keep blood sugar
   and typing up
   - Facilitate reasonable hotel accommodations (cheaper is better but no
   bed bugs)
   - Although not required it's become tradition for the host to supply

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