Hi all,

This is something that came up in the Cataloging Working Group meeting on
Wednesday and we wanted to share it with the General List.

Often, there are bugs in Launchpad where a solution could go one of several
ways and/or is disputed, or where the input of specific end users
(catalogers, circ people, etc.) would be helpful in determining the path
forward.  In order to facilitate these end users finding and commenting on
bug reports with their thoughts & experiences, I've created a new tag in
Launchpad -- *needsdiscussion*.

I know -- don't MOST bugs need discussion?  We did talk about this in the
CWG, and our idea is to make it easier for newer Launchpad folks to
comment, contribute, and find specific bugs where their input might be
needed.  Instead of looking at ~2000 bugs, they're hopefully looking at an
actually manageable number.

We encourage bug reporters to apply this tag if they feel it is merited,
and our hope is that this will lower a barrier for Launchpad participation
by community members.

If anyone else has thoughts on this tag please chime in!

If you want to know more about Launchpad, Mary Jinglewski and I gave a
presentation at the last conference that covers the basics -- you can see
our slides here


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