Aside from proof readers I have another request of the community related to
the annual report and that is for images.  We always are looking for images
from the community that we can use for the report.  These can be from
community events (the conference, the Hack-A-Way) or from events at your
libraries.  Training events, meetups, even staff checking out patrons at
the desk are all welcome.  What we do need is permission to re-use the
image from the copyright holder and permission from anyone who is in the
image.  We don't need it in writing but anyone who sends us images is
assumed to have gotten all of that squared away.  And we need to know who
to credit in the annual report for the image if we use it.


Rogan Hamby, MLIS

Data and Project Analyst

Equinox Open Library Initiative

phone:  1-877-OPEN-ILS (673-6457)


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