I am importing MARC records exported from Evergreen 2.8. The records are
importing, including the 852 tag (b (twice?), c, j, p, and y). But the
Items are all failing.

I am using the built-in Holdings Import Profile for Evergreen exports. All
the fields seem to be lined up okay.

There are no circulation modifiers in the source records. The default
Vandelay circulation modifier is set in Library settings, but the Import
failure reads "Item failed to import due to invalid circulation modifier"
and the Circulation modifier field in the record view is empty.

Is the default circ modifier I selected not being applied?

Can I set values in the Holdings Import Profile to fill in or overwrite
what's in the 852 tag on import?

And since multiple import attempts somehow left me with duplicates of every
single record, how can I merge all those identical records? >.<

Folder full of screenshots at this link:

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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