I'm willing to provide answers. It might make sense to just post your
questions to the mailing list, that way the people who are most familiar
with particular aspects of Evergreen can answer those questions--for
example, there might be libraries that use the built-in self-check
functionality who can answer questions about that, while some of the
developers can provide detailed answers about API compatibility, etc

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 9:59 AM Nita Dickerson <nita.dicker...@sjsu.edu>

> Hello,
>     I am an MLIS student at San Jose State University.  This term I am
> taking an Intro to Library Automation Systems class.  One of my assignments
> asks me to do an evaluation of a vendor, I chose Evergreen.
>     Your "Frequently Anticipated Questions" page gives some good
> information but wondering if there is someone I can talk with to fill in
> some of the blanks.
> Thanks for responding,
> Nita Dickerson

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