Hi Jim,

I looked at the difference between 3.1.8 and 3.1.9 code (not many changes), and 
I didn't see any changes that I think would affect the browse display.  Have 
you compared the stock 3.1.9 templates with those on your test system?


Remington Steed
Electronic Resources Specialist
Hekman Library, Calvin College

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Trying to sort some index issues out but need to figure out what changed 
between 3.1.8 and 3.1.9....or if we did something here accidentally.   To my 
knowledge these databases are the same other than the version.    Did something 
change with the Browse Index Results that was not noted in the Release Notes?   
Thanks for any insight.


Our production database is on 3.1.8 and Browse Results look like:

  God Juvenile fiction. (1)
  God -- Juvenile literature (6)
  God Juvenile literature. (6)
  God -- Kingship (5)
  God Kingship. (5)
  God -- Kingship -- Biblical teaching (9)
  God Kingship Biblical teaching. (9)
  God -- Kingship -- Sermons (2)
  God Kingship Sermons. (2)
  God -- Knowableness (100)

Our test server where we install upgrades first is on 3.1.9 and the Browse 
Results look like:

--God (Judaism)-- --Worship and love.-- (5)
--God (Judaism)-- --Worship and love-- --Biblical teaching.-- (1)
--God-- --Juvenile fiction.-- (3)
--God-- --Juvenile literature.-- (10)
--God-- --Kingship.-- (4)
--God-- --Kingship-- --Biblical teaching.-- (9)
--God-- --Kingship-- --Sermons.-- (2)
--God-- --Knowableness.-- (100)
--God-- --Knowableness-- --Biblical teaching.-- (13)
--God-- --Knowableness.-- --cm.-- (1)

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