Hello all,

On behalf of the Evergreen community, I am pleased to (finally) announce
last Friday's release of Evergreen 3.3-beta1.  The beta release is a
significant milestone in each version's journey, as it marks the point
where the release is considered feature complete.  You can grab your copy
and read preliminary release notes here:


To see a list of everything committed to this beta since version 3.2.0,
please visit:


Thank you to all who committed their time, energy, and funding to produce
and test the code and documentation represented there!  While it isn't
quite ready yet, we will be sure that effort is acknowledged in the release
notes for the 3.3.0 release.

Also, as you might suspect, much of that list includes fixes which have
also made their way into 3.2 (or even 3.1) point releases.  If you are
curious about new features specific to 3.3, you can focus your attention on
those with an Importance of "Wishlist" (22 of the 55 changes), as that is
how we conventionally separate features from bugs in our Launchpad tracker.

With the beta release behind us, we have just two events left on our 3.3
release plan:

3/20/19 - Release Candidate
3/27/19 - Final release

These dates are just two and three weeks away respectively, so all
attention is now turned toward fixing bugs as a final polish for the
release.  Terran McCanna is doing a great job heading up a Bug Squashing
Week right now, and you can track that progress here:


I am very happy with the response so far, and believe that energy will
propel us toward the best Evergreen release yet.


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