Hi All,

In case you, like me, are strict about seeing Marvel movies on "opening"
night, you will have noted that Avengers: Endgame opens during the
Evergreen Conference!  :-)

I am planning to buy my ticket for the 8:00 show on Thursday, April 25 (the
movie is THREE HOURS and two minutes long) and ride the free hotel shuttle
over about 7:30, so I can have some time first at the Evergreen
International Conference Reception (6:30-8:30 p.m.).  Here is the closest
theater I could find:
It's about a mile and a half away.

If you'd like to join me, use the link above to buy your ticket!  Tickets
are $13.50.  Seating is already pretty limited--and is so for all the
evening shows (unless you want to relive your Harry Potter days and go at
11/11:30/midnight) and there aren't many blocks of seats together, so just
pick whatever seat you want at 8:00.

We will gather in the hotel lobby at 7:20 to catch the shuttle.


PS: Bring tissues...Chris Evans supposedly said he saw the first hour and
cried 3 times.

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